Submit Your Bulk!

As of now, Dan123yal Toys+ is purchasing bulk Near Mint-Mint Non-Holo rare cards! These are cards that have a star as their rarity symbol, but aren't shiny!

Our current rate for Non-Holo Rare cards is $0.10 in store credit each.

Here is how to submit:


1. Fill out the Bulk Form so we can expect and prepare for your submission.

2. Package your cards neatly in stacks of 100 and package safely (Do not use rubber bands or other wrappings that may damage the cards. We recommend saran wrap.)

3. Print the response paper that was emailed to you after you completed the form and package it along with the cards.

4. Ship the package to:

Dan123yal Toys+
6371 Haven Ave. STE 3
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737


That's it! Once we receive your submission, we will process it and send store for the amount of cards we received.